Over 47 Years In Pursuit Of The Ultimate Singing Experience!

   I’m Lacy Thompson, Jr. and I am the founder and president of LT Sound.  I got bit by the singing bug when I was 13 years old and singing has been the central driving Passion of my life.   I started LT Sound in 1976 when I was 22 years old.  I’m 70 years old now so for over 47 years we’ve been designing and delivering products to meet the needs of singers like myself who are Passionate and Serious about Singing and want the Very Best Solutions to take their Singing Experience to the Next Level.

   Having been in business for that long, I know most of my customers are not technical, and many of them have had down right awful experiences with computer programs, so many of them will find it difficult to believe that our current flagship product, which is software is actually easier to operate than our previous hardware products.  Downloading and testing the Free VE-7 Demo will put that concern to rest.  There’s no obligation whatsoever to purchase and if you have questions or need assistance, you can reach a real person at the phone number or email address below.

  I pride myself on making the Most Advanced Technology ‘Accessible’ to fellow Singers who want the Best but are Artistically Inclined rather than Technically Inclined.  I’d venture to say that 90% of what makes the VE-7 Singer’s Tool-Kit Superlative, isn’t even within the ‘field of view’ of most of our customers because it’s ‘under the hood’.   It’s the nuance and attention to detail and focus for Over 46 Years on a Singular task of delivering The Ultimate Singing Experience that brings home the bacon.

   Over the last 47 years I’ve designed a lot of professional audio gear and worked with some of the world’s best engineers and producers.  Back in 2018 I worked with Ed Seay on an Elvis project for Sony Music who had some previously unreleased Elvis material.  They took Elvis’s vocals and updated the backup with contemporary orchestrations.  Some of the original tracks had reverb ‘tracked’ and they needed to get rid of the reverb and replace it with more updated effects.  
    I coded a plug-in of a De-Verb algorithm I had developed.  Ed used my plug-in on the project and discusses it’s use here on Episode 221 of Bobby Owsinski’s Podcast.  Complete podcast here
    We use that same DeVerberation in the VE-7’s Additional Background Controls and options.  It’s just one of many unique algorithms that are playing inside the Singer’s Tool-Kit.

   The VE-7 is also far more advanced than any of our previous hardware products, and by a wide margin.   The VE-7 is The Most Advanced Solution for singers who want the very best Vocal Elimination, Vocal Enhancement, Key Change, and Built-In File Playback and Recording.   On top of that it’s easier to use than any of our prior hardware products!

    We are located just outside Atlanta, GA on a private 52 acre estate where we have been located for over 36 years of our 47 year history.  When you call, you will speak to a real person, and if you email us, we’ll send a speedy response. 

   I sincerely hope you, as a singer, derive as much pleasure from the VE-7 as I do. If singing is your passion, it will likely be the most important purchase you will ever make as a singer.

    Lacy Thompson, Jr.                  

Contact Information

Phone: (770)482-4836
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST 
Saturdays  1 p.m. – 5 p.m. EST

eMail: VE-7_Support@LTSound.com 

Physical Address:
LT Sound,  7980 LT Parkway, Lithonia, GA 30058