Digital Key Changer

Makes The Difference Between Sounding Good
And Sounding Great!

  Putting the key of the song in the ‘sweet spot’ of your voice can make a world of difference in how you sound!   It’s not simply about being able to reach all of the notes.   Putting the ‘center’ of the song in the ‘center’ of your voice is crucial to sounding your very best.
    The VE-7’s built in recorder makes it easy to take songs you already own and place them in your ideal key, or you can do it instantly in performance.
   The VE-7’s Digital Key Transposer can change the Key or pitch of the song without changing the tempo.  If the notes are too high you can lower them.  If they are too low you can raise them.   

Easily Change the Pitch or Key
Without Changing the Tempo or Speed

    Transpose the song up or down in key instantly or record the background in your ideal key for practice or performance.  The VE-7 has a range of +- 6 semitones which allows you to put the song in any key!   It’s as easy as hitting the + or – key button. 
    Recording the background in the new key is as easy as clicking the Record button!  The VE-7’s built in recorder allows you to record the background in either MP3 or uncompressed CD quality WAV format. 

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