The Singer's Tool-Kit Makes It Easy For You To Set Up Your Own
Professional Quality Home Studio For Practice And Recording

Easily Record Professional Quality Covers Of Any Song In The Convenience Of Home !

    The VE-7 enables non technical users to produce recordings in their Home Studios that sound like they came out of a major World Class Recording Studio.   It’s not unusual at all to hear from some of our customers that the recordings they are producing with the VE-7 are superior to recordings they produced in paid recording studio sessions. 
    The secret to the Superior results, is the SledgeHammer Vocal Enhancer.  The SledgeHammer allows inexperienced users to achieve the level of results that engineers spend decades learning how to achieve in major studios.
  Getting the Vocal Enhancement right is where the Magic occurs and the SledgeHammer  makes it Easy.
    The VE-7 Has built in Audio File Player, Mixer and Audio Recorder with Built In Limiting to insure your CD quality recordings come out perfect. Actually it’s better than CD quality because it’s 24 bit and you have the option of 44.1K or 48K sample rates and either WAV or MP3 format.
    Making a recording is as easy as hitting the record button and you can make edits and adjustments to the recording while you are making it; for example switching in and out of elimination while the recording is being made.. 
   You can record the background alone or you can record the mix of the background and your new vocal enhanced by the VE-7’s World Class SledgeHammer Vocal Enhancer.   You can record in either uncompressed WAV or MP3 format so you can easily share with your friends. 

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The Heart of Your Own Home Recording Stuido

    Your studio can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.  Studio Monitor speakers are totally optional.  We advise customers to spend a bit more on an excellent pair of closed back headphones.  Headphones are going to be your primary monitors that you will be relying on for practice and performance. 
   Most laptops can drive an external monitor to full UHD resolution with an HDMI output from a dongle so if you’d like a bigger screen, that’s a relatively easy upgrade as shown in the Home Studio setup on the left.
   If you are just starting to set up your Home Studio, be sure to check out our recommended Accessories.  Also feel free to call us with your questions at (770)482-4836.