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   Are You Ready For The Ultimate Singing Experience?
You Must have an Audio Interface, Closed Back Headphones, and a High Quality Microphone to experience the VE-7’s Incredible SledgeHammer Vocal Enhancer.  Monitoring over speakers is Not an option because speakers pointed at the singer will produce unacceptable feedback.  Check out our recommended Accessories to equip your Home Studio to produce World Class results.

   High quality headphones as opposed to speakers will give you a much better singing experience because you can hear yourself so much more clearly.  You’ll also actually sing better over headphones because you can hear yourself so much better.
Once you switch from practicing and recording over headphones as opposed to speakers, you will never go back!  The Singing Experience is so much better over headphones.

Step By Step Guidance
   We know this is new territory for many of our customers.  Most Singers are Artists, not Technicians and LT Sound has been helping out non-technical customers accomplish their singing goals and you will be amazed by both the VE-7’s Ease of Use and the Professional Quality you are able to produce.  And if you do need help, you will be able to reach a Real Person to assist you at our Help Line (770)482-4836. 

    The VE-7 is available with either a Perpetual License, Yearly License and an Affordable Monthly License.      The VE-7 Demo is absolutely Free and there is No Obligation to purchase.
   Indeed, we do not want you to purchase until you have confirmed that the VE-7 runs smoothly on your machine and will meet your needs.  The VE-7 is a highly CPU intensive program and not all hardware is capable of running the program. There is a link on the VE-7 Demo program face plate that will take you to an order page if you wish to purchase the program.

Available For Windows And Mac   
    When you fill out the License Registration form you will automatically be sent an email with a download links to both PC and Mac ( x86 and Mx ) versions of the program and an activation key for the VE-7 demo.
   If you do not receive the download link and activation key within 10 minutes of filling out the form, check your spam folder.   If you still cannot locate the email, then contact us via email Lacy@LTSound.com and we will manually send you the download link and activation key.  Or call us at (770)482-4836.

   The demo is a fully functional VE-7 except that songs will start at 30 seconds into the song and loop back when it reaches 105 seconds. You’ll be able test the all the other remarkable features of the VE-7 including Vocal Elimination, Vocal Isolation, Key Change, Vocal Enhancement (provided you have a low latency ASIO capable interface) as well as the Built-In Mixer.

    The program will allow you to test all the remarkable features of the VE-7 for 30 days from the time you receive the the Key in your email.   If you have any problems at all, please let us know and we will help.
   Feel free to call the office 8am – 5pm EST (770)482-4836.
Or by eMail : VE7DemoSupport@LTSound.com   We’re here to Help !


How To Order :  After you’ve had a chance to test the VE-7 and want to subscribe, there is a button on the VE-7 Demo faceplate directly below the VE-7 Logo that will take you to the actual Order page.

New Affordable Monthly Subscription Brings The VE-7’s Incredible Performance Within The Reach of Everyone!
   Now we have Special Introductory Pricing on our Monthly Subscription Program of only $29.99 per month if you subscribe during the 30 day Demo period.  That’s an Incredible 40% discount off of the normal $49.95 per month subscription price!  
   You can cancel at any time and there is no penalty for canceling other that if you choose to re-subscribe it will be at the normal subscription rate.
   If you subscribe during the 30 day Demo period, and you stay continuously subscribed, you will also receive 5 Year Price Protection should our monthly subscription price increase.  It’s the Exact Opposite of Adobe where you are lured in with a low teaser price and then hit with a massive price increase after the first year! 
   We want a Long Term Relationship with you.  We look forward to helping you take your singing experience to the Next Level !