Download VE-7 Full Program

Thank you for registering for VE-7. 

You can download the the zip file here by clicking this button.
Right clicking will allow you to “Save As” right to your desktop.


By unzipping and running the file you can access the VE7FullSetup.exe. Setup is easy by following the prompt windows and accepting the EULA. Step by step instructions are below if your Windows 10 security settings are set to max defaults.

    Currently we are Windows only, however a Mac version should be out by mid February 2019.  If you are using Windows 10 and Windows Defender without any other external virus protection, then following the steps below should yield a trouble free install and running experience.   If you are using additional virus protection, you may need to go to the Anti-Virus FAQ to get additional tips to install with your Anti-Virus program

By unzipping and running the file you can access the VE-7 Demo Setup.exe. Setup is easy by following the prompt windows and accepting the EULA. Step by step instructions are below if your Windows 10 security settings are set to max defaults.

Install VE-7

Double click and go.

Activate Your License

Paste your key and verify online.

Run VE-7

Say yes to success!

Minimum System Recommendations

  • 2.26 Ghz CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Built-in USB Ports (at least one)

LT Sound recommends you use a laptop with Windows 10. To help with Audio processing, we recommend an ASIO interface.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Installing VE-7

Run the VE7FullSetup.exe file to begin the setup process.

Windows Notifications:

While installing the VE-7 you may receive a notification saying, “Windows protected your PC”.


More Windows Notifications:

By clicking the More info link you can verify the legitimacy of VE-7 and continue with the installation.
The image to the right is supposed to show that.

License Aggreement:

This program comes with a standard ULA. You need to accept the agreement before installation can commence.

Installation Path

Choose the suggested defaults set within the program.
Then select Create a desktop shortcut before clicking Next.

Then Click Next

Installation Path Cont'd

Confirm your settings.

Then Click Install

Launch VE-7

Select the Launch VE-7 box and click finish.

Activate VE-7

Click on Activate your license

Activate Online

Click on Activate Online

Activation Key

Input the Activation Key that was emailed to you into the text box.
Then click Activate license key.
Then click Finish.

Customize Audio Settings

Here you want to select your speakers, mic and test those to ensure they’re functioning as planned.

Select Input and Output Settings

The sample rate and Audio buffer size is set to optimum defaults.

These settings may be adjusted as desired.

VE-7's Easy Select Audio Settings

VE-7 has made selecting audio preferences easy and fast.
Clicking X to close the settings box automatically saves.

VE-7 Is Installed

Once your settings are selected, your VE-7 is up and running. Waiting for input on what to do next.

A good place to start is by adding audio tracks to the program by dragging and dropping the MP3 or WAV file into the VE-7 program. Click Play to hear the track being played.

Tutorials on How To Use VE-7

Please check out our Tutorials Menu link to learn more about how to use VE-7.

Troubleshooting and Anti-virus Control

   The VE-7 is a fairly new program to market and as such will not be recognized by many virus protection programs.  This is a common potential issue and if your virus protection program either prevents you from installing the program or deletes the main Qlm_VE-7.exe file which should be found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\VE-7 directory, then consult the links below for your particular virus protection program for their instructions on how to install a program that is being blocked or deleted. 

    If you need to disable your virus program to install, then you may be a bit more comfortable when you see the install exe is digitally signed before running the setup.   This means that a third party has checked the digital signing and that the setup file that we at LT Sound created is authentically from us and has Not been tampered with.You can go to “Show more details” link in the popup to find out more.

If you’re having troubles with any of these programs, please try the associated with link for the program you are using. Some of the more popular antivirus companies include:

LT Sound is committed to providing quality software and performance. Our software is new to the market and can trip up some antivirus programs. This is a false positive.
Using one of the links to the left of the 10 most popular antivirus programs can assist you in troubleshooting your VE-7.

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