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Mac And PC Versions Are Available

   The VE-7 gives you Powerful Easy To Use Tools for creating your Home Recording and Practice Studio Specifically Designed For Singers!  Finally! A Software Product that is Easier to Use Than Hardware!
  No cables from audio players, recorders, mixers, and effects units to connect, all of these functions are all seamlessly integrated into the VE-7‘s Amazing Feature Set! 
  In addition the VE-7 Singer’s Tool-Kit has the incredible SledgeHammer  Vocal Enhancer and gives you the tools you need to accomplish your singing goals and take your Singing Experience to the next level.
   This one Incredibly Easy to Use software product transforms your home computer into a powerful Practice and Recording Studio capable of removing the lead vocal from standard recordings, changing the key of the background music and mixing in your new vocal with the World Class Sledge-Hammer Vocal Enhancer‘s Studio Effects as well as recording the results.

   Add powered speakers and you have an incredibly capable Live Performance Sound System.  The VE-7 along with your audio interface replaces a Mixer, Effects Units and Player for your backgrounds.
  The VE-7 has a Digital Key Transposer , World Class Vocal Enhancement and Mixer for up to two microphones as well as a Built-In Recorder which allows you to easily record the background alone or capture the entire mix with your enhanced vocals.

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