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   While you can buy a permanent license, most people choose the Subscription Plan.  Because you are purchasing within the 30 Day Demo period, you receive the Special $49 Per Month price which is an incredible 40% off the normal $79 per month price.
   A Permanent License is also available for $3,995. 
    The VE-7 Significantly Ups the Experience over our previous hardware like the VE-4.  Incredibly the software is even Easier To Use than it’s hardware predecessors!
  Once you hear Your voice Enhanced with the Lush Vocal Effects used by your favorite singers and being accompanied by Their Studio Quality Backgrounds, you will be Addicted! 
   To achieve The Ultimate Singing Experience, besides a good computer, you’ll also need an Audio Interface, Closed Back Headphones, and a Good Microphone.   See the recommendations on our Accessories page. 

Monthly Subscription

 An incredible 40% discount off of the normal $79.95 per month rate when you commit to 12 months.  $49.95 will be automatically charged monthly and your license is automatically renewed with your subscription.  If you wish to terminate any time after the first twelve months there is no penalty.  Should you wish to cancel during the first twelve months there is a penalty of $25 per month of the remaining contract.

Permanent License

   The VE-7 gives you Powerful Easy To Use Tools for creating your Home Recording Studio or Professional Performance Sound SystemFinally! A Software Product that is Easier to Use Than Hardware!
  No cables from audio players, recorders, mixers, and effects units to connect, they are all seamlessly integrated into the VE-7! 
  In addition the VE-7 Singer’s Tool-Kit has the incredible SledgeHammer  Vocal Enhancer and gives you the tools you need to accomplish your singing goals and take your Singing Experience to the next level.
   This one Incredibly Easy to Use software product (Windows currently but Mac version in testing with expected release at the end of February 2022) transforms your home computer into a powerful Practice and Recording Studio capable of removing the lead vocal from standard recordings, changing the key of the background music and mixing in your new vocal with the World Class Sledge-Hammer Vocal Enhancer’s studio effects as well as recording the results.

   Add powered speakers and you have an incredibly capable Live Performance Sound System.  The VE-7 along with your audio interface replaces a Mixer, Effects Units and Player for your backgrounds.
  The VE-7 has a Digital Key Transposer , World Class Vocal Enhancement and Mixer for up to two microphones as well as a Built-In Recorder which allows you to easily record the background alone or capture the entire mix with your enhanced vocals.

 An incredible 40% discount off of the normal $79.95 per month rate when you commit to 12 months.  $49.95 will be automatically charged monthly and your license is automatically renewed with your subscription.  If you wish to terminate any time after the first twelve months there is no penalty.  Should you wish to cancel during the first twelve months there is a penalty of $25 per month of the remaining contract.

Sound FAR Better Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

Studio Quality Vocal Enhancement

    You really have no idea just how incredible your voice can sound until you hear your voice enhanced by the SledgeHammer’s World Class effects.  The VE-7’s SledgeHammer Vocal Enhancer uses the same technology we use in the $3,000 UVP-1 Ultimate Vocal Processor!  This makes it super easy for the non-technical user to enhance his or her vocals in Live Performance or in recordings you make.  With twelve built in Styles of Vocal Enhancement you can quickly audition your vocals with the same type of effects as you hear on professional recordings.   Whether you are looking for Elvis’ Sun Recordings ‘Slap Echo’ effect of the Ultra Lush Delays and Reverbs used by artists like Julio Iglesias or even the hard to achieve ‘Sibilant Reverb’ George Michael employed on songs like ‘Jesus To A Child’, the VE-7 has you covered.
     It’s almost like having a professional engineer in your computer!  Watch the video below to see the incredible range of Styles and the incredible improvement having World Class Vocal Enhancement makes in your vocals.   And it works in all of your environments, including Practice and Live Performance in addition to Recording.
    You will need an audio interface, a microphone and a good set of closed back headphones like we recommend on the Accessories page to take advantage of the VE-7’s powerful vocal enhancement.   Monitoring your voice over a high quality set of headphones as opposed to speakers will allow you to hear your voice better and prevent audio feedback that can occur over speakers.
    Once you switch from speakers to high quality headphones, your singing experience will be far more enjoyable for a multitude of reasons.  Because you hear yourself more clearly, your singing will be noticeably better.
     Download And Hear The VE-7’s Vocal Enhancement On Your Voice Today!
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Sing With The Same Accompaniment As Your Favorite Artists

  Perfect Results On Any Recording !  We invented the first Vocal Eliminator over 46 years ago and the VE-7 surpasses the results of it’s hardware predecessor, the VE-4 by a significant margin! 
    Revolutionary State of the Art A.I. or Artificial Intelligence to remove or isolate the vocals works consistently with no instrument loss on all recordings, even mono recordings and lower quality downloads from sources such as YouTube.  Perfect results are now the ‘norm’ and not the ‘exception’.
   If you are familiar with the limitations of prior technology, you really will have to download and test the Free Demo to believe the VE-7’s incredible results!
    Results are also True Stereo, traces of vocal Reverb can now Be Removed, Vocal Isolation is a feature.
    It’s hard to put a price on gaining access to a studio quality background to any song ever recorded.  We think it’s Priceless!

                            Download And Test The Free VE-7 Demo Today Here


Enhance Your Voice The Way Your Favorite Artists Do On Their Recordings

Instantly Change The Effects Style

The VE-7’s SledgeHammer Vocal Enhancer allows you to audition different effects styles on the fly as you are singing to find the one that you prefer for your voice.  You can go from the very subtle vocal enhancement  options in the lower left corner to the very lush vocal enhancement settings like ‘MoonLight Lady’ which channels effects employed by artists like Julio Iglesias, or even ‘In your face’ rock enhancement settings like ‘Long Cool Woman’ or the hard to emulate ‘Sibilant Reverb’ employed by artists like George Michael on ‘Jesus To A Child’ , Elvis’ Sun Records slap echo, or Phil Collins’ dramatic echo effect on ‘In the Air Tonite’ .

Auto-Effects when engaged kills the reverb and echo effects when the background music is not playing.  This allows you to speak to the audience between songs without sounding like you’re in a tunnel.  The effects automatically come back on once the background music starts again.

Of course you can take even the extreme effects and dial them back with the Verb level control on each mic to tame them down to the perfect level for your individual taste.   Each mic has independent control over the Echo – Reverb balance as well as the actual level of the effect on that microphone.

Independent Mic Adjustments​

   The VE-7’s incredible SledgeHammer Vocal Enhancer automatically allows you to get professional results with Zero knowledge or understanding of what is going on ‘under the hood’.   Still…. there are times where you want to fine tune and tweak the settings and for this the VE-7 has an easily accessible pop-up window to access the controls.

  The VE-7 gives each of the two microphone inputs*  independent control over the EQ, Effects Level, Compression, De-Essing, Expander and even the Echo – Reverb Balance.  The Effects Style is shared, however you can still have different amounts of the effects and even alter the proportion of Delay and Reverb independently for the two microphones.

* Requires Audio Interface 

Place The Song In The Key Your Voice Sounds It's Very Best

Key Change

   Even if you can reach all the notes, there is always one key that really showcases your voice in it’s ‘Sweet Spot’.  The VE-7’s Digital Key Transposer allows you to place the key of the song where your voice is at it’s best.  This can make an incredible difference in your vocal performance and transform you from sounding good to great!
   The VE-7 has a High Quality Digital Key Transposer that changes the pitch or key of the song without changing the speed.   You can go up to 6 semitones higher or 6 semitones lower which allows you to place the song in any key.


Your Own Home Recording Studio

Built-In File Playback, Recording, Mixing, Vocal Enhancement and Limiting

  The VE- 7 is the heart of a truly capable Home Recording Studio.    The only additional equipment your need to set up a powerful Home Recording Studio besides your computer is  an audio interface, microphone, and headphones. The VE-7 has a built-in audio file player and recorder with built in audio limiting to insure CD quality recordings.  However, it’s the VE-7’s incredible SledgeHammer  Vocal Enhancement that is going to be the ‘secret sauce’ that makes your home studio recordings sound truly professional. 
  The built in final limiter will allow you to make louder recordings that are free of clipping and distortion. The VE-7 can record in WAV or MP3 format. Intuitive controls look like audio equipment we have all used in the past. Simply click the Record button to start recording and click Stop when you are done. 
   A file with the same name and a ‘BKG’ at the end is placed in the same directory as the original recording.   It’s Super Easy as the video demonstrates.

Built-In Mixer And Audio File Player

   The VE-7 has a built in Mixer to allow you to adjust the relative volume of up to two mics and the background volume.  The VE-7 can accept a variety of audio formats such as WAV, MP3, OGG, AIFF, and WMA.  About the only file format on the Windows version that is not supported currently is MP4 or AAC and that support will be added in the coming months. 
   Use the Open File button or simply drag and drop supported audio files onto the face plate and they will start playing.
    So the VE-7  is not limited to using vocal eliminated songs, you can use any of your karaoke backgrounds in the above file formats, while changing the key and mixing in your new vocal with World Class Studio Effects.  
    Record in either WAV or MP3 format to share with your friends.   


Professional Performance Sound System

    Add Powered Speakers and you have an extremely capable Professional Performance Sound System.  Your Performance Backgrounds are Played through the VE-7 ‘s Mixer and the VE-7 Enhances your vocals with World Class SledgeHammer Vocal Enhancer’s Studio Effects.
   We recommend recording your backgrounds ahead of time in the key you want to perform in so you aren’t having to juggle as many balls during your live performances and can concentrate on singing. 
    This type of set-up is also ideal for Home Karaoke Parties with your family and friends.

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