Thompson Vocal Eliminator - Metal

We developed the first Vocal Eliminator over 47 years ago in 1976.  The VE-7 is the most significant improvement in Vocal Elimination in our entire 47 year history . . . by a wide margin !   The VE-7 uses completely new A.I. or Artificial Intelligence to radically improve the results over the prior technology. The VE-7 Software significantly surpasses, indeed literally blows the doors off  the results of any of our prior hardware units.   It’s a whole new ball game !
Unlike earlier eliminators, the VE-7’s new technology produces Complete Elimination with No Impact on Background Instrument Quality on All Recordings, including older monaural recordings as well as lower quality recordings such as those downloaded from YouTube.  Incredible results are now the norm, not the exception.  Incredibly it’s also much Easier to Use than the prior hardware units!  If you are Techno-Phobic, download and test the Free VE-7 Demo to hear for yourself the astonishing results and how easy it is to use.

Eliminate All Vocals Or Just The Lead Vocal

The VE-7 is the Only A.I. technology that allows you the choice of eliminating all vocals, including the background vocals or choosing to keep the background vocals.  This is crucial to end up with the same background accompaniment as was used by the original artist.  To retain the background vocals requires they be mixed in stereo to the side channels which the vast majority of background vocals are.

Results Are True Stereo

If your original recording is stereo, the backgrounds remain in True Stereo.  If your recording is monaural, we can still remove the vocal and even simulate stereo, and remove any tape hiss with the VE-7’s pop up Background Controls as discussed below.

Excellent Results Are Now The Norm, Even on Older Monaural Recordings

The new technology allows us to produce excellent results on all recordings.  Truly stellar results are now the norm, not the exception.  Don’t take our word for it, request the Free VE-7 Demo Here.  In addition the VE-7 has advanced Background Processing to allow you to Remove Hiss from older recordings, Simulate Stereo, Remove Reverb, or Add Additional Reverb to the Background, as well as a Three Band Stereo Equalizer.

Built In Recording Makes Capturing The Background Effortless

The VE-7’s built-in recording allows you to easily record the background track with or without your vocal and in the perfect key for you to practice and perform with.  You can record in either MP3 format or uncompressed CD quality WAV format.  You can even edit the recording while it is being made.  If you want the original vocal to remain in part of a song you can seamlessly switch from Eliminate to Original while the recording is being made or make other touch up adjustments to suit your taste.

Even Vocal Isolation Is Now Possible!

You know how radically things have changed when you can actually isolate the vocal as well as eliminate.   This is very useful when you want to study the vocal of the original artist or match the VE-7’s equalization on your voice to that of your favorite artist.

Even ReMixing The Levels of Bass, Drums, and The Other Instruments is Possible!
   Pull up the VE-7’s Mixer to independently adjust the volume of different parts of the mix.  Sometimes when you are learning a new song you want to reduce the vocal as opposed to eliminate it and the VE-7’s Mixer allows you to reduce it by any level you choose.  If you want more Drums and less of the Bass instrument, it’s easy to control.  Watch the Re-Mixing demo below to get an idea of what is possible.

Free VE-7 Demo Download Form Here

   You know you’re ‘not in Kansas anymore’ when with the VE-7’s A.I. Technology, you can independently adjust the volume levels of the Drum, Lead Vocal, Background Vocals, Bass and Other Instruments!
   With the VE-7’s pop up Background Mixer you can also mute or solo individual parts of the mix.
   The VE-7 can even remove a choir as well as the  lead and background vocals from older monaural recordings.
   Separating the Background Vocals and the Lead Vocal requires that the recording be in stereo and the Background  Vocals mixed to the left or right of center.

Advanced Additional Control of the Background

   The VE-7’s pop up Background Controls provide you with additional tools to refine your results.

    1) A Three Band Equalizer
    2) Background Reverb (if you need it)
    3) Background De-Verb – The VE-7 can even
          reduce or virtually remove overall reverb
          from the background
    4) Simulate Stereo – If you have an older mono
          recording the VE-7 can allow you to add
          simulated stereo
    5) Noise Reduction – Some older recordings
          have tape hiss.  The VE-7 has a proprietary
          algorithm that does an amazingly good job
          of reducing or completely eliminating the
          hiss, with no loss of the background quality.
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