Automatic World Class Vocal Enhancement at Your Fingertips

   The VE-7 actually goes beyond the cutting edge technology we developed in the $3,000 UVP hardware product.  We call it the SledgeHammer because the enhancement isn’t subtle, but quite dramatic. Once you hear your voice with SledgeHammer enhancement, there simply is no going back.  You’re spoiled for life.
   You don’t have to be an expert, or even know anything at all about vocal processing because that expertise comes built in to the VE-7. 
  You just have to know what you like and the VE-7 gives you an incredible array of twelve vocal styles to recreate the vocal enhancement of your favorite singers from Julio Iglesias to Michale Buble, George Michale, Raidiohead, or even your favorite Bollywood artists.

Instantly Change The Effects Style

   The VE-7 allows you to audition different effects styles on the fly as you are singing to find the one that you prefer for your voice.  You can go from the very subtle vocal enhancement  options in the lower left corner to the very lush vocal enhancement settings like ‘MoonLight Lady’ which channels effects employed by artists like Julio Iglesias, or even ‘In your face’ rock enhancement settings like ‘Long Cool Woman’ or the hard to emulate ‘Sibilant Reverb’ employed by artists like George Michael on ‘Jesus To A Child’ , Elvis’ Sun Records slap echo, or Phil Collins’ dramatic echo effect on ‘In the Air Tonite’ .
    Of course you can take even the extreme effects and dial the back with the Verb level control on each mic to tame them down the the perfect level for your individual taste.   Each mic has independent control over the Echo – Reverb balance as well as the actual level of the effect on that microphone.
   Auto-Effects when engaged kills the reverb and echo effects when the background music is not playing.  This allows you to speak to the audience between songs without sounding like you’re in a tunnel.  The effects automatically come back on once the background music starts again.  

Independent Mic Adjustments

   The VE-7 has Automatic Vocal Enhancement that allows you to get professional results with Zero knowledge or understanding of what is going on ‘under the hood’.   Still…. there are times where you want to fine tune and tweak the settings and for this the VE-7 has an easily accessible pop-up window to access the controls.

  The VE-7 gives each of the two microphone inputs*  independent control over the EQ, Effects Level, Compression, De-Essing, Expander and even the Echo – Reverb Balance.  The Effects Style is shared, however you can still have different amounts of the effects and even alter the proportion of Delay and Reverb independently for the two microphones.

* For Two Mics, It Requires an Audio Interface with Two Mic Inputs.  An Audio Interface with One Mic Input will work fine for a Single Microphone Setup (Link).

Easy To Understand Mic Meters Tell You Exactly What's Happening

Mic 1’s Green Bar shows you the processed output level.  The orange bar to the right shows you the amount of Compression or Limiting that is occurring.   Mic 2’s red bar shows that the expander is fully reducing any extraneous room noise because the mic is not active.
   The BKG meter shows the level of the total mix of Mic 1 , Mic 2 & the Background. The Red line to the right of the output meter shows the amount of limiting on the Mix output.

When DeEssing is occurring, the bar color changes from orange to blue making it easy for you to understand the amount of dynamics processing occurring on the mics at any given time

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