Why Use VE-7?

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Vocal Enhancement

World Class Vocal Enhancement Gives Your Voice The Polished Sound you are used to hearing on your favorite recordings but havent't been able to reproduce... Until Now!

Key Change

If the notes are too high you can lower them. If they are too low you can raise them to perfectly match your natural singing voice.
No more straining!

Vocal Elimination

Our Proprietary Technology Can Remove The Lead Vocal or Isolate it Removing the Background.

Built-In Recording

It’s as Easy as hitting the Record button on the faceplate. Save your audio files locally.

Download and test the demo.

  The VE-7 is a Dream Come True for the Singing Enthusiast.  This one Incredibly Easy to Use software product (Windows currently but Mac coming in a few months) transforms your home computer into a powerful practice and recording studio capable of removing the lead vocal from standard recordings. In a live performance it, along with your audio interface replaces a mixer, effects units and player for your backgrounds.

  It has a Digital Key Transposer , World Class Vocal Enhancement and Mixer for up to two microphones as well as a Built-In Recorder which allows you to easily record the background alone or capture the entire mix with your enhanced vocals.

  The free demo allows you test all the incredible features of the VE-7 Before You Buy and see just how Incredibly Easy it is to Use even if you are a Techno-Phobe